Master’s Program in Cybersport and Marketing

Etudes Modernes Academy, one of Switzerland’s oldest and most prestigious higher educational institutions, specializes in guiding students from admission to the completion of their doctoral degrees. As an accredited institution, we offer unparalleled support to our clients in achieving their academic goals, including obtaining a PhD in Switzerland.

Course Overview:

The Master’s Program in Cybersport and Marketing provides a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic and rapidly growing field of cybersports, along with advanced marketing strategies. This program covers strategic practices, scientific research, data analysis, cybersport theories, basics of programming, and emerging technologies. Practical elements include esports coaching, skills in promotion, advertising, journalism, and the application of marketing techniques within the cybersport industry.

Course Content:

  • Cybersport Theories and Practices
  • Programming and Computer Systems in Cybersport
  • Public Relations and Journalism in Cybersport
  • Business Aspects of Cybersport
  • Training and Broadcasting in Cybersport
  • Research and Analytics in Cybersport
  • Marketing Strategies in Cybersport

Languages of Education Instruction:

The main education languages – English, FrenchGerman

Flexible Learning:

This program uses an asynchronous e-learning model, allowing students to access materials and complete assignments at their own pace from anywhere in the world.

Modern Approach:

Etudes Modernes Academy meets the contemporary needs of active, boundaryless individuals, ensuring content is engaging and valuable for learners from diverse backgrounds, including IT graduates, gaming enthusiasts, marketing professionals, and individuals interested in the digital and sports industries.

Tuition Fees and Financial Support:

  • Basic administrative fee: 3,000 CHF
  • Total cost: 12,000 CHF
  • Students needing financial support can benefit from special terms through partnerships with Swiss cantonal funds.
  • The basic administrative fee covers legal expenses, document notarization, Apostille du Canton de Vaud, postal expenses, and is non-refundable.


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