Organization of Education

At Etudes Modernes Academy, we don’t just teach; we organize and tailor the educational journey for our students. Our personalized approach consists of comprehensive consultation and support throughout both the preparatory and educational processes. Upon enrolling, students are carefully assessed to understand their preferences, tendencies, and educational needs. This ensures that each student receives the most suitable educational path, tailored for a comfortable and enriching learning experience.

Personalized Approach

The personalized approach at Etudes Modernes Academy includes:

  • Consultative Support: Providing guidance during both the preparatory and educational stages.
  • Specialization Recommendations: Suggesting specialties, courses, and programs based on the interests, talents, and prior achievements of applicants, students, and degree seekers, using AI methodology and analysis.
  • Coaching and Interdisciplinary Approach: Employing coaching and interdisciplinary methods to foster the holistic development of individuals, aiding their professional growth and broadening their horizons.
  • Knowledge Application Synergy: Creating synergy by applying knowledge from completed courses and allowing students to test their skills in various specialties progressively.
  • Comfortable Living and Learning Conditions: Selecting comfortable living, learning, dining, and cultural activities for students.
  • Necessary Consultations: Offering essential consultations for choosing programs, education, and professional engagements, as well as participation in activities aligned with scientific interests.

Enrollment Process

  • Initial Fee: For an initial fee of 3000 CHF (non-refundable), we offer a range of educational options. This fee covers a comprehensive assessment of the student’s profile, including surveys and aptitude tests, to create a detailed educational portrait. Once this fee is paid, the student is enrolled in Etudes Modernes and gains access to our academy’s educational program.
  • Comprehensive Educational Plan: Over several years, we assist in selecting the best possible university and educational pathway for the student. This process involves continuous consultation and support to ensure the student’s educational and personal needs are met.
  • Complete Educational Package: After the agreement is fully paid (12000 CHF), the student can proceed with their education at the chosen institution with a personalized plan in place.

Flexible Study Options

At Etudes Modernes, students have the option to either complete their education directly with us or utilize our services to select the most suitable higher education institution in Switzerland. Our initial assessment and matching process, which begins with the payment of the starting fee, helps determine the student’s preparedness and identifies the best university for their needs. This tailored approach ensures that students receive the highest quality education and support throughout their academic journey.

To register, please fill out the online form, and our secretary will contact you shortly. For more information, visit the Etudes Modernes Academy website.