Preparation for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree

Etudes Modernes Academy offers opportunities for scientific research and supports candidates in obtaining a PhD degree.

Personalized Consultation

The academy provides personalized consultations to understand the scientific interests and depth of the candidate’s engagement with the topic, assisting in the organization of scientific support.

Switzerland’s Innovation Leadership

Switzerland is a leader in innovative development, supporting scientific endeavors with top libraries, laboratories, and frequent international conferences. These resources, often held in collaboration with UN initiatives, provide candidates access to primary sources and cutting-edge research, helping them explore new dimensions of current issues.

International Conferences

Participation in international conferences across Switzerland and EU countries allows candidates to gather data and engage in continuous dialogue with the scientific community.

Expert Community

Being part of an expert community positively influences research and dissertation work. The academy assists in interacting with specialized scientific publications, documenting intermediate research achievements, building a reputation in the academic world, and obtaining valuable feedback.

Commitment to Researchers

Etudes Modernes Academy is dedicated to ensuring future researchers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful scientific career.

For more information and to register, please visit the Etudes Modernes Academy website.