Master’s Program in Cybersport

Course start: September 2023, with the flexibility to join throughout the entire duration of the program.
Duration: 2 years

Master's Program in Cybersport

Course Description:
Our Master’s Program in Cybersport introduces you to the dynamic world of esports, encompassing strategic practices, marketing methods, scientific research, data analysis, computer gaming theories, programming basics, and emerging technologies. This comprehensive program also covers practical elements such as esports training, live streaming, commentary, and public relations.

Who is this for:
Designed for learners from diverse backgrounds, including computer science graduates, gaming enthusiasts, and individuals interested in the digital world, this course offers valuable and engaging content.

Course Content:
Theory of Computer Gaming
Programming and Computer Systems in Esports
PR and Journalism in Esports
Business Aspects of Esports
Training and Broadcasting in Esports
Research and Analytics in Esports
Innovations in Esports

Fees and Financial Support:
The Academy’s standard fee for this course is 12,000 CHF per year. We offer the flexibility to pay in installments over a period of up to 10 years. Notably, individuals who are Ukrainian citizens or those in need of financial assistance may be eligible for a grant from the Swiss cantonal fund, covering up to 100% of the Academy administrative basic fee.

Additionally, there is a one-time mandatory payment of 1,000 CHF for Academy expenses related to external legal and administrative support, including document notarization, certification by Apostille of Canton Vaud, and logistics expenses.