Social Management, Inclusivity, and PTSD Rehabilitation

This research program offers a comprehensive range of disciplines directly related to working with society and aiding individuals who have experienced psychological trauma due to accidents, natural and man-made disasters, or military actions.

Human Capital Management

The curriculum includes courses in humanities and interdisciplinary studies focused on understanding the human psyche and developing social practices. Key subjects include:

  • Psychology: Theory of psychology, psychodiagnostics, applied psychology, theory of communications, and sociology. These courses help form a solid understanding of the properties of the psyche and the stages of personal development.
  • Philosophy and Culture: History of philosophy, cultural studies, management theory, and courses on social rights within modern constitutional frameworks. These create a robust educational foundation for specialists interested in societal well-being and a healthy, lawful state.

New Technologies

In addition to classical disciplines, significant attention is given to new technologies, particularly the potential of artificial intelligence. Students study the application of specialized programs for treating and diagnosing PTSD through cognitive-behavioral therapy and virtual reality (VR) technologies, as well as software tailored to the needs of affected individuals.

Social Sphere and Public-Private Partnership

The social sphere is relevant not only to the public sector but also to public-private partnerships and business. Therefore, students gain management skills in public relations, promoting barrier-free concepts, and addressing inclusivity issues to enhance the quality and longevity of life.

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