Sports Management and Marketing in the Sports Industry

In this research program, students specialize in both modern professions like eSports and managerial professions such as sports economics, sports organization marketing, and sports law.

Key Focus Areas

  • Interaction with Leading Sports Federations: Significant emphasis is placed on interacting with leading sports federations in Switzerland, including football, basketball, and other sports.
  • Specialized Disciplines: Alongside their specialized disciplines, students also focus on psychology and communications.
  • Practical Aspects: Students explore the practical aspects of athlete transfers and contract negotiations between sports federations in various sports (e.g., fencing, boxing).

Intellectual Community

Etudes Modernes Academy fosters relationships with global intellectual game organizations like chess, Go, and checkers. This enables students to join an intellectual community, participating in tournaments with elite representatives from different countries.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Sports Management Courses: Significant time is dedicated to courses in sports management, industry marketing, recreational economics, and the basics of tourism.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Industry: The rapidly developing healthy lifestyle industry worldwide requires high-class specialists capable of managing fitness divisions, individual and family wellness programs, and preparing wellness retreat programs.

Unique Opportunities in Lausanne

Being located in Lausanne allows students to deeply study the history of Olympic sports, as well as the technologies and solutions employed by international organizations that unite the healthy forces of humanity.

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